Sunday, January 30, 2011

For the glory of Frogonia and all that is web-footed and amphibious!

Hello, and welcome to our new blog: Battle of Frogonia!

Having recently picked up several of Eureka's frog warriors, we are embarking on a new project for 2011. This will be a skirmish-level game of amphibian antics as two factions battle for supremacy in the backyard fishpond Kingdom of Frogonia.

The Royalist forces of King Ribbidibit, defending all that is good and green in the world, will be pitted against the piratical warband of his evil half-brother Capt. Pondscum.

We are going to set up a campaign that takes place in a neglected corner of a garden, with objectives and terrain coming from the "real" world: a discarded child's tea-set becomes Castle Ribiddibit; a few opened sugar packets become a vital objective; and left-over firecrackers, devastating warmachines.

So sit back and prepare for war on a different scale!


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