Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hammering away!

Here are the first followers of the great King Ribbidibit!

Meet Gilbert:

For the skin, I used Scorpion Green, washed over with Thraka Green and then highlighted with a mix of Scorpion Green and Sunburst Yellow. The belly is a lighter Scorpion Green.

The hat is Red Gore, washed over with Devlan Mud and highlighted with a lighter Blazing Orange. The feather is Mordian Blue with an Asurman Blue wash and light Mordian Blue highliting.

The hammer is Scorched Brown, lightened using Blazing Orange, with Badab Black wash and highlighted with a lighter mix of the same colour. The fungus is Liche Purple with Blazing Orange.

The eyes are Chaos Black on Blazing Organge lightened using Sunburst Yellow. And the grass blades are Orkhide Green with Badab Black wash, highlited with Orkhide Green lightened with Skull White.

And this is Wick:

Same colours as Gilbert for the skin and eyes. The hammer is a darker version of Gilbert's with Red Gore and Sunburst Yellow fungus.

I've got plenty more of these little guys to come!

Capt. Pondscum et al.

I have been working on Captain Pondscum and his associated ruffians.

Starting with the "basic" frog warriors from Eureka, I've picked out the ones with rifles and other firearms to keep with the piratical theme. Don't worry, they only shoot pellets. Not sure how this will affect our games rules-wise, but I'll be facing up against cannon fire, mallets and deadly bamboo spears!

Anyway, on to the minis!

As you can see, I've been busy converting these chaps before giving them a lick of paint! On the Capt. I made him a pirate hat and a red sash - every pirate should have one! So I also sculpted sashes on all my infantry, and a bandana on the musician.

Lots of fun, and more to come!

For the glory of Frogonia and all that is web-footed and amphibious!

Hello, and welcome to our new blog: Battle of Frogonia!

Having recently picked up several of Eureka's frog warriors, we are embarking on a new project for 2011. This will be a skirmish-level game of amphibian antics as two factions battle for supremacy in the backyard fishpond Kingdom of Frogonia.

The Royalist forces of King Ribbidibit, defending all that is good and green in the world, will be pitted against the piratical warband of his evil half-brother Capt. Pondscum.

We are going to set up a campaign that takes place in a neglected corner of a garden, with objectives and terrain coming from the "real" world: a discarded child's tea-set becomes Castle Ribiddibit; a few opened sugar packets become a vital objective; and left-over firecrackers, devastating warmachines.

So sit back and prepare for war on a different scale!